Tongarra 2 Day / 2 Night

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Tongarra is a purpose built boat for chartering passengers around the Whitsunday Islands group. She is a catamaran just under 12 metres long and 8 metres wide.

She sleeps 21, men's and women's toilets and 1 inside hot & outside cold shower. Being a catamaran she is a stable boat, which allows you to move freely around the boat even when under sail, plenty of room for everyone to spread out and top up their tan and even better everyone may take their mattresses out at night and sleep on the deck. Truly a memorable experience, at sea sleeping under the stars! This is a unique experience, as most boats do not have the room nor do they allow you to take the mattresses out of the cabins.


2.30 pm  Monday -  Thursday -  Saturdays


1.00pm Wednesday -  Saturdays - Monday




Includes: All meals, accommodation, bed linen and snorkelling equipment

Share single: $429.00 per person .... no more to pay!!

Additional costs:  BYO Alcohol